BOBBIE BAILEY was born in 1928 in rural Alabama in a poor, but proud, hard-working, and tightly-knit family. Bobbie was blessed with boundless energy, pluck, a spirit of adventure, a finely-tuned sense of humor, and an irrepressible desire to fix things and make them run more efficiently. 

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AN ENTREPRENURIAL SPIRIT fueled Bobbie's success. She was a ground-breaking businesswomen, who started and ran multiple companies with her sister, Audrey Morgan. Bobbie and Audrey built OurWay Inc., which grew to become the largest independent re-manufacturer of refrigeration compressors in the United States, from the ground up. She ran a construction company and record labels, produced the Georgia Music Awards, and continually looked for the next project to develop and the next building to build.

Community and family were integral to Bobbie's success and life. She never lost sight of her roots and the down-to-earth values that came with them.  She never shrank from a challenge, and she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others and to provide them with opportunities that she herself did not receive. Her legacy is one of energetic achievement and a desire to make the world a better place.